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Caves Primavera was founded in 1944 by two brothers, Vital and Lucénio Rodrigues de Almeida. Expressing a universal vocation, their business strategy is directed towards international markets, especially the European and North American markets. From reduced and manual facilities, the company has, nowadays, a covered area of ​​10,000 m2 and technologically advanced equipment.

Since its founding, Caves Primavera went through several stages of development, according to a predefined plan. Starting in confined and limited facilities, the company gave body to the second phase, when moved its premises and opened the first cellar for sparkling wines.
In addition to the expansion of the facilities, in the second phase the company proceeded to the implementation of the first semi-automatic filling line.

In the early 70s the line automation started and further enlargement of the cellar was made. In the 80s the company already had 2 fully automatic lines and a modern packaging system. However, it was in the early 90s that the company had a qualitative leap, with the construction of a wine-making center, which produces all of Bairrada and Beiras wines, as well as white wine for sparkling wine production. The total fermentation capacity  is 2.5 million kg of grapes.


In the recent years the company made profound changes to its facilities and to the lay-out with the acquisition of new technologies, both in the winemaking sector, both in the filling and packaging lines. The quality policy that has been implemented, led to the company’s ISO 9001: 2008 certification. This was only possible with the contribution of the human factor, one of the most valuable assets, and with the acquisition of laboratory technology that allowed a strict control of all analytical determinations required by the various target markets, which is a crucial factor in the company’s competitiveness, ensuring creativity combined with modern technology.

In an extremely competitive market, our wines are regularly referenced in journals, domestic and foreign. The awards, in several worldwide competitions, are an important factor that reinforces the image of our products. During the last decades we have tried to convey to the consumer the image of a company that is prepared for the challenges of the global economy, in its 72 years of age, with quality products from various regions.

It is with confidence that Caves Primavera faces the challenge of the coming years, as in the twenty-first century the wine remains, as centuries ago, an integral part of the socio-cultural habits of much of mankind.

Vision, Mission and Values

Permanently honor the company’s founders commitment to excellence in the wine and sparkling wine production.

Selecting the best grapes from the Bairrada region to produce wines and sparkling wines of excellence, commercializing wines from other regions, combining the knowledge acquired over decades, with the effectiveness of new technologies, increasingly committed to maintain quality and respect the environment.

Values: Tradition and History, Family, Quality, Creativity and Innovation, Ambition, Knowledge and Experience, Flexibility

Cronologia da empresa


Primavera Winery Foundation


The company has its own facilities, with their own cellar, and change the name to Caves Primavera


Beginning of sparkling wine production using the classic manual method


In order to respond to a significant increase in demand, CAVES PRIMAVERA did an initial expansion of its cellar. It has also increased the vinous storage capacity for three million liters;
the company also acquired a complete bottling line for quality wines, with a bottling capacity of 3,500 bottles per hour, thus increasing the volume of sales, where about 50% IS related to foreign markets


Acquisition and implementation of a new automatic bottling line of still wines and spirits


Introduction of a ’degorgement’ automatic line for the Sparkling Wines


New investments in machinery for the filling lines, tanks in stainless steel, equipment and laboratory instrumentation


Construction of a wine making center for “Bairrada (D.O.C.)” and “Regional Beiras” Wines and strengthening of the storage capacity with stainless steel tanks


High investments to improve and modernize the industrial and social areas, acquisition of advanced equipment for the bottling lines and to increase production and quality of the winemaking center, as well as the still wines stage warehouse


Company certification by NP EN ISO 9002 in common wines, sparkling wines and bottled liqueurs manufacturing


Launch of the 1st Baga Sparkling Wine with the 1998 harvest


Acquisition of self adhesive labeling equipment


Increase of the "degorgement" freezing line capacity